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Ice after Graston Technique

Icing after Graston Technique is very helpful at decreasing post treatment bruising, swelling, and pain. Graston Technique and any deep muscle therapy break up scar tissue in muscles. Working the tissue in this manner increases inflammatory chemicals that make muscle tender to the touch. Those inflammatory molecules also help trigger the healing processes to repair the tissue properly. So we do need some inflammation, but too much makes you sore.

We recommend you ice immediately after the treatment. The first few sessions with Graston we want you to ice in the office and then again within an hour. After several sessions you can use your judgment and discretion. If we work in a new area or work the muscle harder then it is a good idea to ice extra for the next two days.

Some people bruise easier than others, and those individuals should spend extra time icing. Ice is to be applied in 15 minutes intervals. Apply the ice for 15 minutes and then remove it for 15 to allow the tissue to warm up. Repeat this process several times.