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We have developed special programs and procedures for older adults. We realize that older bodies often require gentler techniques for comfortable adjustments, stretching, exercise, and massage. We have special equipment for increasing pain free range of motion with traction, intersegmental traction, decompression, hydrotherapy, electric, heat, and cold laser.

We spend quality time with you to work on your individual needs. We give the type of service you want and expect, but just don't see anymore. We will listen to your concerns and modify your treatment accordingly.

Our Physical Therapist, Eric Robins PT, has specialized in treating older patients for many years. He is patient, creative, realistic, and has a great sense of humor. He will make your therapy time enjoyable and get the results you desire.

Free Consultation and examination for any Sun Lakes, Sun Bird, or senior citizen in Chandler.

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Activator Technique Sun Lakes Chandler

Physical Therapy often combines massage therapy in a treatment plan. Massage can be very therapeutic when combined with proper physical therapy treatments. It helps decrease muscle, increase range of motion, improve flexibility, and decrease pain.

At Alpha Chiropractic & Physical Therapy we utilize gently chiropractic adjustments to decrease your joint pain. Activator Technique utilizes a hand held device to "tap the joints." It is the most gentle way that a person can be adjusted.

Sun Lakes Chiropractor Physical Therapy

Thompson Drop is another gentle way to adjust a painful joint. It involves a specialized table that picks up and drops down to nudge the joints. As a patient, you feel the drop of the tables, but not any pressure or popping. This works very well on painful arthritic joints and people who do not want to hear a "pop or crack."

Flexion-Distraction Technique is a very popular technique for decreasing low back pain. It is commonly used on Sun Lakes Residents with chronic low back pain, herniated discs, arthritis, and painful muscle spasms.

The table is designed to bend and rotate. This movement helps stretch the low back and opens up painful joints. People describe a gentle stretch and relief during the procedure. It is a very gentle way to increase joint range of motion and decrease low back pain.

Disc decompression therapy or traction therapy is another treatment we often use on Sun Lakes residents. A specialized table stretches and decompresses the joints relieving pain. It can be used in low back pain or cervical disc treatments.

By stretching and pulling the joints gently apart, the treatment speeds blood flow and healing. More blood and nutrients can get to the injured joints and discs. Disc decompression is best utilized with active physical therapy to prevent future disc injuries.

Our office provides many therapies and techniques to help get you pain free faster. By listening and working with you, we achieve the results you desire.

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