Physical Therapy and Chiropractic for Sports Injuries

We serve many local athletes because of our knowledge and specialty in sports injuries. Our knowledge of the body's biomechanics complimented with our combination of services provides relief to many athletes who have struggled with injuries.

We actively treat the injured tissue with massage therapy, stretching, exercise and the Graston Technique to speed the healing process. Then strengthen weak muscles to prevent the injury from reoccurring. We want you participating in your activity as soon as possible!

There is a big difference between clinics, chiropractors, and physical therapists who say they treat sports injuries. Traumatic and repetitive stress injuries need to be treated differently. Many say they treat sports injuries, but few do a great job.

Repetitive stress injuries need to be treated differently. These injuries usually have a history of overuse and wear-and-tear. For example, a person with plantar fasciitis or IT band syndrome have been overworking and stressing the tissue for an extended period of time. If they describe several different episodes of pain in the same area, then it usually means the underlying problem wasn't corrected the first time.

Injuries like plantar fasciitis, IT band, Achilles tendonosis, or shin splints commonly have soft tissue adhesions that didn't heal correctly the first time. We describe these areas as a "bad patch" the body placed down during the first injury. However, the body didn't fix the "bad patch" and it keeps getting hurt every time the physical stress or mileage increases. The patch is overwhelmed and goes through an inflammatory cycle that causes pain and stops you from running.

With time and rest the "bad patch" is less aggravated, inflamed, and painful. However it will probably get aggravated and painful when your training intensity or mileage increases again.

Treatment should involve deep muscle work to "tear up the patch" and trigger the healing process to fix the area correctly. If proper strengthening and flexibility is combined with therapy, the chance of hurting the area is reduced.

These types of injuries respond very well to Graston Technique, massage therapy, ART, proper stretching, strengthening, and other forms of deep muscle work. Proprioceptive and vibration training also enhances recovery.

We offer all of these services to keep you running, riding, swimming, or jumping. We strongly believe in keeping you active during your treatments and recovery. We believe the statement "stay off it until it doesn't hurt" is said by someone who doesn't have a marathon or event in six weeks.

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