Lumbar Disk Decompression

Lumbar disk decompression therapy decreases low back pain by improving the mechanisms that cause pain. Disk decompression decreases the pressure on the lumbar disk, facet joints, opens the neuroforaminal canal, and decreases the stress on the fibrous disk layer. All have been associated with low back pain

Lumbar disk decompression can be summarized into three phases.

  1. Decompress the intervertebral space
  2. Mobilize and strengthen the lumbar spine muscles
  3. Educate and prevent further injury

Lumbar disk decompression is an effective treatment for treating low back pain, especially if the decompression is combined with proper strength and stability exercises. Disk decompression decreases the pain and the exercises stabilize the lumbar spine.

Many people had undergone treatment for low back pain and felt great for months. Then the low back pain returned to previous pain levels. Sometimes it is because the low back treatment reduced the inflammation and causes of pain. However, the mechanisms that cause joint stress and injury remained which eventually aggravates the low back or lumbar disk.

We believe treatment should get rid of the back pain and reduce the chance of further injury.

In addition to the lumbar disk decompression our treatment involves:

  1. Treating the pain with active and passive therapies. This can involve heat, ice, electric, ultrasound, cold laser, or massage therapy.
  2. Posture Training - correcting postural habits and postures that comprise the low back. This can include sitting, standing, and working postures.
  3. Stabilization - Core muscle stabilization and strengthening exercises. Improving lumbar muscle patterns, strength, and endurance of the lumbar spine muscles.
  4. Work, ADL, and Sport Specific exercises - Exercises to stabilize the lumbar spine for specific work, home, and sports activities. It is important to strengthen the low back to participate in your specific activities, whether it is sitting at the computer, golf, or sports with the kids.

Lumbar disk decompression can be an effective treatment for low back pain, especially with a comprehensive treatment plan.


Dr. Robertson helped me get rid of my low back pain. I really believe their treatment made me pain free, stronger, and got me back to the golf course.

- R.G. Sun Lakes, AZ

I have seen many people over the years for my back. They did a great job and I would recommend them to anybody.

- F.P Sun Lakes, AZ

Years of athletics and sports took a toll on my back. Now I feel I can play softball, golf, and racquetball without risk of getting hurt. Thank you.

- G.W Gilbert, AZ

I went to Alpha Chiropractic hunched over after a weekend football game. My back pain was horrible. Now I am pain free and back to my sports.

- D.R. Gilbert, AZ

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