Elbow pain after pickle ball

Pickleball can be a fun and rewarding game. It provides exercises, competition, relaxation, enjoyment, and also elbow pain. People are quick to identify the pain as similar to elbow pain from Tennis. Tennis elbow is well known elbow injury that develops from swinging a tennis racket. The pain starts on the outside of the elbow and radiate toward the hand. More severe injuries create tenderness, swelling, and pain with activity.

The muscles that extend the wrist and elbow attach to the outside of the elbow. These muscles are used with swinging any racket. Pickleball rackets create less strain on the elbow than tennis rackets, but can lead to injuries.

The tendons that attach to the outside of the elbow can become overwhelmed with repeated use. Small injuries develop. If the injuries do not heal by the next game, the tendon can become more injured. Eventually larger injuries develop and lead to pain and functional limitation. Eventually people experience increasing soreness, tenderness to the touch, and swelling at the elbow.

Many of your friends can tell you how frustrating tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis can become.

Tendon injuries follow several basic rules:

  1. Severe injuries produce more pain.
  2. Chronic is bad - Injuries that have been around for months take longer to heal.
  3. It does not get better with continued use. The muscle and tendon need time to heal.
  4. It always takes longer to heal than you think it should.
  5. It does not get better with ignoring the injury.

Treatment goals are to reduce the pain, inflammation, and muscle spasms. It is important to find ways to decrease the stress and strain on the muscle.

You do not have to stop playing Pickleball but you might need to modify how much you play. If it feels OK after four games hurts after 5, play 3 or 4. Wear the brace! A tennis elbow brace will decrease the strain on the tendon, which will help it in the healing process. Ice is important, people who ice more get better faster. Over the counter medications or topic treatments are sometimes recommended for treatment to decrease pain and inflammation. Physical therapy treatments are great options for speeding the recovery, especially in severe or chronic cases. Cortisone injections can be used to decrease pain and inflammation, especially if you do not get better with conservative treatment first.

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