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Ball Bridging Exercise Series

Ball bridging exercises are performed in a similar manner to bridging exercises on the ground. With bridging, we always want to focus on slow, controlled movements. We want to keep our waist level and avoid swaying or clunking motions.

The progression on the exercise bench was to keep our feet wide apart and slowly move them together. Eventually, we could put one foot on top of the other, which increased the difficulty of the exercises. By narrowing our foot width, we made ourselves more unstable, causing the core muscles to work harder. We then progressed from the single leg modified position to a single leg bridging with the knee bent. Finally, we performed three sets of 10 with single leg bridging while the other leg was extended straight.

We are going to transition through the same exercises with the stability ball. The exercise ball further enhances the difficulty by making us more unstable. We will move from our feet apart, two feet together, single leg modified, single leg, and finally with single leg with opposite leg extended.

Perform each of these exercises as comfortably and safely as possible. If you feel pain during any of the bridging exercises, please stop. The exercises can be modified by reducing the sets or repetitions. We can also just hold the position and not move our waist. Holding the positions helps increase strength and endurance and is slightly easier than the moving positions.

Bridging on the exercise ball with 2 feet apart

Bridging on the exercise ball with 2 feet together

Bridging on the exercise ball single leg modified

Bridging on the exercise ball single leg with knee bent

Bridging on the exercise ball single leg with knee extended

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